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Powerful Business Etiquette Training
About Paul Siddle
"Paul Siddle was outstanding...From senior executives to mid-level managers, Paul is capable of getting through to all levels of management."

Tom L. Fox, Partner
CM Profit Group, LLC
Detroit, MI

About The Executive Protocol Group®

Powerful Business Etiquette Training!

Our business etiquette training seminars will be customized to your company's specific needs and industry. From executive dining manners to office etiquette, business attire and powerful first impressions, each business etiquette training seminar will develop your employees' ability to learn and use valuable social skills to transact accepted business practice to their advantage!

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The Executive Protocol Group's® on-site business etiquette training seminars address every aspect of appropriate business behavior. Each seminar is thorough, fun, entertaining and promises to:

  • Remove self-doubt allowing your employees to confidently travel vertically throughout their client's organizational Top-casinos-us.com chart; in other words, preparing your key personnel to be as comfortable with the company's C-level executives as their everyday contact!
  • Instill self assurance in your employees so they can How to play craps focus on the business at hand and best represent your company in any business or social situation!
  • Positively differentiate your employees from your competition!

The Executive Protocol Group was founded in 1999 in Richmond, Virginia by Paul Siddle based upon the guiding principle:

"In the business world there are two kinds of class - first class and no class. You must develop the first or, you will have to live with the second!"

In 2002, the company reached a milestone when Newonlinecasinosus.com it opened its second office in Naples, Florida...

"It was simply a commitment to a higher level of service for our clients who frequently schedule their business conferences and training in Florida. By reducing our travel expenses, our clients' total outlay is significantly reduced," Siddle said.

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