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Power Etiquette for Professionals
Office Etiquette for Professionals
Powerful Communications
The Client Lunch
Challenging the IT Stereotype
Saving a Valuable Employee
Boardroom Presence!
Coffee to Cognac
"I highly recommend Paul's program to any executive or executive-to-be in any company!"

Rich Hall, Executive Director
Large Group Underwriting
WellPoint, Inc.


"Boardroom Presence!"

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Our individualized "one-on-one" leadership development seminar for the high potential manager or executive who is preparing for the future at the top of his or her organization.

This facilitation is individually unique and industry specific, therefore, topics and length will vary. However, the core of this seminar will include key topics from three of our most popular programs:

  • "Power Etiquette for Professionals"
  • "Powerful Communications"
  • "The Client Lunch"

We come to your HQs, regional office or meeting site to develop your high potential manager's ability to positively differentiate himself or herself by applying powerful business etiquette!

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