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"...there was more discussion surrounding your presentation than any other at our meeting. I was amazed by how much the attendees remembered from your presentation. I am still hearing positive comments...I will definitely recommend you to others...I loved your approach in keeping the audience engaged."

Marla A. Davis
Legal Administrator
Anheuser-Busch Companies
St. Louis, MO

Business Etiquette Training Seminars...


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  • Do you have an employee that "just doesn't get" your corporate culture?
  • Do your employees utilize appropriate office etiquette?
  • Does your staff not have an understanding of proper business attire?
  • Does the client intimidate your employee?
  • Is your employee an embarrassment during a business meal?
  • Can your employee communicate effectively with the client?
  • Can your employee successfully navigate an "age gap" between the client and him or herself?
  • What about his/her personal hygiene, grooming and handshake?
  • Are you proud of the way your employees comport themselves in the business and social arenas?
  • Does your employee represent your company with polish and class?

Many corporations are realizing their workforce must find every method to differentiate itself from its competition. The Executive Protocol Group's 21st century approach to business etiquette training will appeal to corporate management that is charged with this difficult task.

Our on-site customized business etiquette training seminars identify the "10 Critical Elements"© of business interaction your employees must effectively manage to represent themselves and their company to the fullest!

Each business etiquette training seminar is framed to your company's specific needs and we allow you the flexibility to add or emphasize particular areas that apply to your own situation and industry.

We come to your HQs, regional offices or meeting sites to develop your employees' ability to positively differentiate themselves from their competition by applying powerful business etiquette!

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