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Power Etiquette for Professionals
Office Etiquette for Professionals
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"Paul Siddle's 'Open Office Etiquette' seminar allowed our staff to collaborate and develop a 'blueprint' for open office behavior and expectations. Paul's energy and positive attitude were contagious and allowed us to have fun while also creating guidelines to live by in our new office space!"

Kathie Amato, Assistant Dean
Executive MBA Programs
The Fuqua School of Business
Duke University


"Office Etiquette for Professionals"

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Let's face it!  Not one of your office staff has ever come to you and said, "Gosh, I really have bad manners, please help me."

Why not?

Because people don't know what they don't know!

A lack of appropriate business etiquette in the officeplace is an extremely sensitive, if not impossible, matter to bring up with your personnel. We provide the vehicle to do so without embarrassment or intimidation!

Our office etiquette seminar provides "the oil that lubricates the gears of your business environment."

Mastery of this seminar's elements will allow an organization to powerfully present itself in the most favorable light possible. Favored by office managers of law firms, insurance companies, medical offices and investment firms, this seminar will be customized to address your company's specific needs and may include:

  • Definition of Office Etiquette
  • Definition of Cubicle Etiquette (if applicable)
  • Creating your First Impression in the Office Place
  • Office Building Etiquette
  • Lobby/reception area tactics
  • Professional behavior guidelines for your receptionist
  • Greeting your client/patient properly
  • Executing the Fortune 500 "office tour"
  • Providing for the physically disabled
  • Preparation of the Meeting Room
  • Strategical seating positions
  • The essential "dos and don'ts" of Cubicle Etiquette!
  • 10 things to say when caught sleeping in your cubicle!
  • Proper construction of powerful e-mail
  • The "10 Critical Elements of Office Etiquette"
  • "I gave at the office!"
  • Mars and Venus in the Office Place
  • Handling difficult people
  • "If you're a new hire..."
  • A ticking time bomb: "The Holiday Office Party"
  • The "9 Types of Aggravating Office Personalities"
  • The "Top 5 Office Etiquette Mistakes"
  • The "10 Commandments of Office Etiquette"

We come to your HQs, regional office or meeting site to develop your employees' ability to positively differentiate themselves from their competition by applying powerful business etiquette!

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