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"TEPG's Paul Siddle provided an information-packed, entertaining, interactive seminar that kept our team engaged throughout! His seminar introduced numerous insights that will allow us to present and maintain a professional, polished image to a client base that expects nothing less."

Angela Pickett
Vice President, Consulting
Levin Group, Inc.
Owings Mills, MD


"Power Etiquette for Professionals"


Let's face it!  Not one of your employees has ever come to you and said, "Wow, I really have bad manners, please help me."

Why not?

paul siddle1

Because people don't know what they don't know!

A lack of appropriate business etiquette is an extremely sensitive, if not impossible, matter to bring up with your personnel. We provide the vehicle to do so without embarrassment or intimidation!

Our nationally acclaimed three, four and six-hour business etiquette seminars play an important role in Leadership Training programs and address the important differences between social and business etiquette. Each is highly beneficial for newly hired employees, summer interns, employees with management potential, and "front-line" sales and marketing personnel responsible for profitable sales growth and customer relationship management.

A tremendous value associated with our business etiquette seminars is our ability to customize each one to your company's specific needs and industry!

A sampling of topics included are:

  • protocol vs. etiquette
  • business etiquette vs. social etiquette
  • "power etiquette" vs. business etiquette
  • creating powerful first impressions
  • "power" accessories
  • the "10 critical elements©" of 21st century business etiquette
  • business vs. social vs. virtual introductions
  • your "visual resume"
  • HR's battle with "casual dress" and why your business may suffer from it
  • male vs. female handshakes
  • business card management
  • business meeting behavior & strategical seating positions
  • executive travel etiquette
  • e-mail, voice mail, smartphone, speakerphone etiquette
  • business reception/cocktail party strategies
  • business dining etiquette
  • the 3 "B's" of an appropriate toast
  • tipping in the 21st century (food and wine!)

We come to your HQs, regional office or meeting site to develop your employees' ability to positively differentiate themselves from their competition by applying powerful business etiquette!

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