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"Paul's presentation was the perfect accompaniment to our five-course meal, anticipating the challenges presented with the arrival of each new course while interposing commentary on first impressions, introductions, and professional behavior."

Joel Ladd, Director
Center for Student Development
Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA


"The Client Lunch"

Our business dining etiquette seminar confidently takes your employees through the key 3-step process of conducting business via the "workhorse of business meals," the Client Lunch.

Among the included business dining etiquette topics are:

paul siddle1
  • understanding your role and the purpose of the meal
  • the proper method of restaurant selection
  • developing "teammates" within the restaurant
  • where to seat your client
  • discreetly signaling how much you intend to spend
  • what you should never order!
  • "to drink or not to drink?" That is the question!
  • Wine 101
  • plate and utensil recognition/management
  • the "Silent Service Code" and why you must know it!
  • effectively managing business dining catastrophes!
  • the "3 B's of a Proper Toast!"
  • tipping and handling poor service
  • the best system of paying the bill!
  • handling the valet parking and coatroom attendant
  • what to do if your client is a "no-show"
  • ...and many other professional secrets of the successful business meal!

The "dos and don'ts" provided in this business dining etiquette seminar are worth the price of admission!

A complete three, four or five-course meal may be incorporated into this popular interactive dining seminar.

We come to your HQs, regional office or meeting site to develop your employees' ability to positively differentiate themselves from their competition by applying powerful business etiquette!

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