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Who Benefits?
"Most of our younger, and many of our older employees, are not prepared to properly represent themselves or our company in certain business and social settings. Simply put, they do not know what they do not know."

Chuck Rawley
Chief Development Officer
YUM! Brands, Inc.
Louisville, KY

Why Business Etiquette is Important


Your Company Must Learn, Understand and Apply Powerful Business Etiquette Benchmarks:

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  • Applying powerful business etiquette, directly and indirectly, enhances your company‚Äôs bottom line. Here's how:
  • Direct enhancement: Clients and customers are likely to permit the development of a positive "customer relationship" and will do repeat business if they feel comfortable and valued by you and your organization.
  • Indirect enhancement: Research by the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School has proven "Workplace Incivility Can Damage Bottom Line." The internal application of business etiquette skills improves morale and quality of work-life while reducing turnover and improving efficiency. Your employees will feel valued and willing to contribute more.
  • A People Business! Technology dominates the business environment today but, how many times have you been told, "Ours is still a people business!"? This means you must include courtesy, politeness and class, along with service, in your customer relationships.
  • Your Company's Image! Your employees project your company image wherever they go, during business hours and afterward. They are extensions of your company and the manner in which it conducts business.
  • Differentiation! You MUST differentiate yourself from your competitors! Business etiquette "know-how" is a differentiating asset of enormous value that raises the talent level of your employees.
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